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AUAR (pronounced ‘our’) is revolutionizing house building using automation

We are providing the world's first robotically assembled dwellings

Each dwelling unit can be unique at no extra cost

We empower people and communities to create better homes using automation

Our construction platform and products are engineered for automation and a sustainable, circular, zero-carbon lifecycle

We take a micro-factory approach for localized production that enables community participation in designing and building the homes they need, creating local jobs

Starting with small or difficult to develop sites — including backyards / infill sites — we are looking for ambitious developers and clients to work with us on permanent and meanwhile use projects


We have 15+ years of experience in architecture, design, systems design, computer science, community engagement, manufacturing and robotics

Mollie Claypool

Co-Founder & CEO

Gilles Retsin

Co-Founder & CTO/Chief Architect

David Doria

Software Lead

Kevin Saey

Building Systems Lead

Danaë Parissi

Software Lead

Robert Pavlovskis

Creative Technologist

Ivo Tedbury

Systems Automation Lead

Nikolaos Tsikinis

XR Software Developer

Katharine Daish


Nick Cottle


Ipek Attaroglu



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