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Automated Architecture

[AUAR] : pronounced ‘our’

is building a global ecosystem of automated micro-factories, to deliver sustainable, affordable and beautiful architecture to millions of people

AUAR’s vision is to enable the best possible way of inhabiting planet Earth

AUAR licenses its low CapEx robotic micro-factories and tech stack to a network of existing home builders, enabling them to deliver sustainable and affordable homes at scale.

AUAR’s underlying data model makes all costs and other data known upfront to their clients and manufacturing partners, automating months of tedious, manual work.
Our design algorithms can also generate endless design variations, adapted to local sites.


Our team is an industry-leading multidisciplinary group of thought leaders, operators and experts with experience across architecture, construction, robotics and software engineering.


AUAR currently operates in Europe and North America, partnering with home builders and contractors to build the first distributed micro-factory network for sustainable timber housing.


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A Better Common Future is Possible

Interested in becoming an AUAR partner and setting up your own micro-factory?

Interested in having an existing AUAR Partner deliver your project?

We’re currently working with partners in Belgium, the US, and UK

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