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Changing the way we build so we can change the way we live

Automated Architecture (AUAR) – ‘our’ for short – is a tech company that is accelerating the mass adoption of timber construction and automation by providing the technological infrastructure for a regenerative, fair and inspiring built environment.

We are building the first distributed micro-factory network for sustainable timber housing

AUAR offers a different vision for the built environment, where automation is not centralised into large factories, but empowers local ecosystems of communities, contractors, architects and developers to build better homes.
Our tech stack enables scalable, asset-light, low CapEx automated manufacturing for housing.

How does it work?

AUAR micro-factories fabricate building blocks from standard timber with off-the-shelf robots and then assemble these into one and two-storey houses and living spaces. 

Interested in joining our network?

Are you a contractor, architect, developer or community-led housing group? Join the growing network of AUAR licensed partners to get early access to our technologies. 

Powered by AUAR

Our design algorithms can generate endless design variations, adapted to local sites, while the underlying data model makes all costs and other data known upfront to our clients and manufacturing partners.

As a society, we can shoot rockets to the moon,
but are no longer able to imagine that we can build better

Join our mission to change the way we build homes.

Automated Architecture Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales | Company No 11852002 | Company VAT ID GB 331200568 | Registered Offices c/o 34 Hinton Road, Bristol, Avon, England, BS5 6HB, UK